Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Vittles

After deciding on Austin and figuring out that our venue allowed any caterer, picking a caterer was pretty easy. When people from out of town visit Austin, they want to eat three things.

1. Tacos
2. Steak
3. Barbecue

The fiance felt like tacos weren't fancy enough and steak was too expensive so that made it easy to pick barbecue as our fun party food. And once we decided on barbecue, it was an even more obvious choice as to what barbecue. Despite the fact that there are several delicious bbq places in Austin, our favorite is Salt Lick BBQ. In fact, we even considered hosting the wedding at the Salt Lick Pavilion, but the minimum fee was too high for our smallish/medium size wedding. The other thing we like about the Salt Lick is that it is $13/pp for all you can sausage, ribs and brisket and all the fixins'--including wait staff, set up, tables, tablecloths and clean-up. This is the same price as in the restaurant. Which seems reasonable to me b/c it's prepared in mass at the restaurant just like for catering (a limited, but delicious menu). They also said we could create our own appetizers which they would make at cost plus labor. No weird charges for going off the menu. This may sound like basic stuff for those not planning a wedding, but it's definitely not the standard. We also priced the Oasis, a beautiful lakefront restaurant in Austin. But their prices for a wedding reception were double the price in the restaurant! Shouldn't it be the other way? Shouldn't it be cheaper b/c we're buying a whole lotta one thing? But apparently they add the "wedding tax" and I couldn't swallow it. Which just made me happier about the Salt Lick policies. So the only thing left to decide is what to serve the vegetarians, how to display the handi-wipes and what kind of bib I'll need to eat ribs in a wedding dress.

And here are some pics of the delish bbq we'll be serving at our wedding.

A gratuitous plate of meats.

A sample of side dishes. Beans, potato salad and cole slaw are standard.

Where our meats will be 'cued.

Sorry, I couldn't find any pics of a Salt Lick wedding buffet. Obviously all the guests were too busy devouring the delicious bbq to stop and take pictures of it. It also seems to be a trend at the restaurant. In general, I believe this is a good sign. Also, we can change the side dishes and create which appetizers we want for the cocktail hour. Any suggestions? And what should the veggie-lovers eat?


  1. Veggie sausages and veggie hot dogs :)

    (there really is a such thing!)

    and PS- my aunt forwarded me your blog...even though the email said not to forward it! You can punish your future mother in law!

  2. Serve those picky vegetarians bread and water only - that'll teach 'em.