Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Actual Budget Invitations

I recently read a post on another blog about so-called budget invitations. They started at $2000. $2000? Seriously? For some brides that's the entire budget! $2000 is a budget for a used car or an incredible vacation or I don't know, a boob job (not that I would recommend anything called a "budget" boob job). $2000 is not, however, "budget" for pieces of paper. Yes, I know the invite sets the tone for the wedding and yes, they're very special. But they'll probably be mostly thrown away by guests and no matter what, they're still just paper. So, no $2000 is not a good choice for "budget" brides. Today though, in the mass of bridal blogs I obsessively read when work is slow, I found an actual idea for budget brides. is a new site by a couple of (very talented) graphic designers. They have several designs online, you email them the text you want on your invites and they email you back the files formatting for your printer. Then you either print them out yourself or take them to a printer like Kinko's. Invite designs are $60 plus $15 if you want custom sizes or colors. This is basically the best deal I've ever heard of and if I didn't have a super talented graphic designer friend, this is exactly how I would do my invites. Here are a few examples of my favorites from the site although they have many more options and even do custom work.

P.S. I'm encouraging my friend to start her own business like this so if you or anyone you know would like a custom design, let me know and I'll put you in touch. I'll be posting her design for my invites as soon as they're printed to give an idea of just how talented she is.

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