Monday, March 9, 2009

The Venue

As soon as we got engaged, everyone wanted to know where we were getting married. And it was a good question. We live in New York but I grew up in Arkansas and Matt grew up in Illinois. Obviously no matter where we got married, it would be a destination wedding for almost every guest. So we picked a city that's fun to mini-vacation, affordable and driving distance for many. Austin, TX. It's also where we met while going to grad school so we know it pretty well. Then we got pretty excited about an Austin wedding b/c it was the perfect chance to show off one of our favorite cities to our friends.

The next question was more specifically where. After researching, contacting and pricing out literally every venue in Austin, TX, we settled on Mercury Hall as our venue. The decision was based on the following factors:

1) It's pretty.
2) It allows for an outdoor ceremony--a prereq
3) It allows for an indoor ceremony if it rains
4) It allows for an air conditioned reception.
5) It's not too far from downtown.
6) They let you bring in your own vendors. Even if you want to cater yourself.
7) It's one of the most affordable venues in Austin.

Also, we think the history of Mercury Hall is pretty cool. It was built in 1904 in Mercury, Texas. The 105 year-old Texas church was moved to Austin in 1997 to be used in the Richard Linklater film, Waking Life and has since been restored as a beautiful event hall. The hall itself has a beautiful, vintage feel with hardwood floors, white washed walls and stain glass windows. I also love that we're getting married outside and then having the reception in a church. B/c it's fun to be backwards. Here are some pics of Mercury Hall.

(the 4 acre lawn where we will be married)

(through the glass entrance of the hall)

(the main reception room)

(Inside the hall)

(roses growing on the hall)

(an evening wedding at Mercury Hall)

(hopefully this will be me at my wedding)

So that's it. My big question now is how to design that big white space into a reception. Anybody got any ideas?


  1. Decorate it in pink and pink! You can't go wrong.

  2. I'm so happy I just found your blog! I'm getting married at Mercury Hall on Oct. 17th. I'm excited to watch you go through the planning process (and hopefully borrow some ideas)!