Monday, March 30, 2009

The Rehearsal Dinner

One of the aspects of the wedding weekend that I'm really excited about and not at all stressed about is the rehearsal dinner. It is being hosted by the future in-laws already totally planned! Done. Yay! When Matt and I first started talking about doing the Austin wedding, we talked about trying to work in as many of our favorite places as possible. One stand out choice was Guero's Taco Bar. Guero's is a landmark in Austin. It's a favorite of President Clinton--who purportedly loves the El Presidente plate and they swear he eats the whole thing. It's also been in a couple of movies, most recently in Tarantino's Grindhouse. It's just a great taco bar (with free salsa bar!) and a great place to relax. It also features live music and is within walking distance to our hotel. So perfect right?

Unfortunately, when we looked at their website they specifically said, no rehearsal dinners. Really. Literally spelled it out. So we were super bummed and started looking into a replacement. I put out a Facebook message to all my Austin peeps asking for a recommendation and a former teacher of mine from UT replied. He had some feedback on other places, but also said he's old friends with the manager from Guero's! He said he'd see what he could and....wait for it...he actually did it! He emailed me the next day to say that the manager was willing to work with us! It took a bit longer to get the manager on the horn b/c he was vacationing, but he told us that as long as we didn't do it too late, he could seat our whole party together and we could hang on the patio and listen to free live music while we wait.

So that's done! The place already has a great decor, so no worries on that. The menu is already set. So that's done. I guess I could make rehearsal dinner invites if I have time, but that's it. So yay! Check it off the list and get hungry for some tacos!

The patio and live music venue.

The front porch.

Tarantino filming Grindhouse.


  1. I have not spoken to Guerros so I am guessing that you and Matt set the menu? Let me know what I need to do. Great blogs! CB

  2. No, we haven't determined any specific menus. We can call Guero's for that closer to the date. I just meant that they have a set menu b/c they're a restaurant and not a caterer. But either way, the menu is pretty limited and I'm betting everyone gets tacos or the equivalent.