Monday, March 23, 2009

Pronovias Sample Sale

Last week while I was checking out Facebook instead of working, I saw an ad for the Annual Pronovias Sample Sale. (imagine trumpets and acrobats and a big ta-dah.) Pronovias is a Spanish designer who about a year ago opened their flagship US office in New York. I've heard raves about them so I signed up via Facebook for an appointment. When I got there it was a bit ridiculous. I arrived at 10:20 for my 10:30 appointment and was greeted by a doorman who checked to see if I was on the list. (Yes, exactly like at an exclusive nightclub.) When I was finally let in, I had to re-check in at the front desk with a woman who is clearly not a people person. (How did she get the front desk job?) After she told me to head upstairs (and snipped at me to get upstairs after asking about my friend who was meeting me), I ascended the spiral staircase to find a room of white dresses and girls scrambling to score one. I tried on 3 dresses there, but didn't find much b/c most of their dresses are pretty elaborate and too fussy for my taste. But if you like beading and pouf, it's definitely worth checking out. There were even several dresses for $500 that I'm sure people went home very happy with. Anyway, no winners, but here are the ones I tried on.

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