Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beautiful Southern Wedding Idea

(pictures courtesy of Flickr)

My sister is planning a very southern wedding for this June in the Victorian Village neighborhood in Memphis, TN. Her wedding will be held on the lawn of a Victorian mansion/museum and the reception will be inside. This is the perfect wedding to add one of my favorite Southern wedding accessories--the parasol. Her plan is for each of the bridesmaids to carry ribbon bedecked parasols in lieu of a bouquet. Love this. Not only is it cost effective ( a favorite) and unique (another favorite), it also adds a great visual element to the posed pictures--(which are often super boring).

Anyway, I did some digging around on the internet and found some unbelievable lace parasols that ooze Scarlet O'Hara. (her style, not offensively racist lifestyle). These are from The detail is awesome and they come in a couple colors. I think it would be beautiful for the bridesmaids to carry white ones and for my sister to carry the red one in her white dress at her red and white wedding. They are a bit expensive, but I also found them on ebay for more like $25 plus shipping.

I also think it would be beautiful to use these paper thin parasols as light fixtures/ceiling decor. I've seen it in store windows here in New York and here's a picture of some on the ceiling of the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas.

(courtesy of Flickr)

So what do you think? Do you love parasols or are they too old-fashioned and fussy? If you like them, should I get one for the pictures? A white one?

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