Monday, March 30, 2009

The Magic Bridesmaid dress

Finding bridesmaid dresses was pretty tough for me. I didn't want anything that looked like a bridesmaid dress (or really was a bridesmaid dress.) So no taffeta or satin or bows. Like at all. Originally I just wanted to ask them to pick any blue dress of their choice. But eventually, it turned out that this was more stressful for the bridesmaids who (very sweetly) actually wanted some guidance. But what could I do short of just picking dresses and then having that matchy look that I'm so not into? Enter Butter by Nadia. Nadia (whomever that is) makes these great wrap dresses that can be worn in at least a dozen different ways. And they're one size fits all. Really. So I just pick one dress and everyone can still customize their own look. Genius right? And I've read reviews swearing that they really are flattering on every figure and several styles are bra-friendly. The only downside I could see was the price. These babies run about $250! I felt like that was way too much to ask my friends to pay. (even though they can definitely wear it again. for those that wear dresses.) Luckily, (I'm truly bridally blessed) bridesmaid Kristen stepped in and volunteered her mom to make the dresses for us at cost! Yay! Awesome magical bridesmaid dresses back on! She's in the process of making a sample dress now, and if that works out, the only thing left is finding the material and figuring out how to convince her to make me one too! Check out below to see some of the many, many styles this dress can be worn in.

And here's a video demonstrating how to wear one of the styles:


  1. that/those dresses are adorable!

  2. I want one and I want one now! But $250. That's more than the nicest dress I've ever owned. Even my prom dress. :(

  3. These were my bridemaids dresses! Seriously with 9 bridesmaids of all different size and shapes, this was the dress to go! It was AMAZING! the dress seriously looked fabulous on all my dear girls (not exageratting). Plus when my wedding weather took a turn for the worst (75 degress expected, and it was 40 degrees for my outdoor wedding), some of the girls took advantage and turned the dressed into the styles that offered more coverage (and warmth). This was definitely a fun and classy choice. Unfortunately the price IS expensive. but I think completely reasonable since absolutely no alteration was needed. (I have been in 5 weddings and have paid $150-200 dollars for dresses that needed $100 of alterations) Great choice! My color was boyount which was a deep aqua/blue color (not too bright)