Sunday, July 12, 2009

A wedding of a different color

Okay, if you read my flower post, you may have noticed that I was wanting a lot of yellow in the flowers. It's b/c of this post from Once Wed.

It features my aqua blue, but paired with lemon yellow and I loved it! It was so fresh and summery. Plus my friend Cristin had just been to a wedding that was so matchy-matchy, it "creeped her out." I didn't want to put that out there and I didn't want my wedding to feel like a prom. So I'm thinking still aqua blue and sapphire blue, but adding yellow as a tertiary color to mix things up and add some pop. But now that I'm looking at these pictures again, I'm noticing that the bouquets use a lot of pink. Should I throw that in too?


  1. I say yes for a bit of pink. You'll cover the whole spectrum that way and avoid the matchy-matchy problem.

  2. i think the pink looks so cute with the blue and yellow, it's a colorful little touch