Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I need your help!

Alright, I'm taking a break from reporting what I have done and I'm going back to something I haven't done yet. Decide what to do on the ceiling. If you remember, our venue is pretty spare (although pretty) and I'd like to dress it up a little with some ceiling interest. Here's what I'm thinking.

White Christmas Lights strung about?

Paper Lanterns?

Italian bulb string lights? Or Small paper lanterns?

Swags of fabric?


Alright, I'm hoping to make a decision this week. So let me know what you think!


  1. Do you know that they'll allow you to hang things? I was thinking that you might need to put nails or something in the ceiling/molding, and they may or may not be cool w/ that. Or, they may have some kind of setup already for hanging shit...

    But anyway, I think clear Christmas lights are not only cheap and easy to handle, but they look classy at night. I'd think they would need to be hung/strung in a classy manner so they look very neat and not haphazard.

  2. i looove the italian bulb string lights, and i like the big white bulbs too (we have those hanging at our apartment on our balcony!), and i like the christmas lights too. i love adding an "outdoorsey" look to an indoor space

  3. Tissue paper "puff balls" in your color come out really nice when combined with draping fabrics that are sheer. They look great in soft lighting and are really fun and romantic