Monday, July 13, 2009

The Cake: It's what's on the outside that counts

At least it's what's on the outside that counts to most brides. My top priority was the taste. But I still wanted a pretty cake. After looking at a lot of designs, I realized that a) wedding cakes can be beautiful, b) wedding cakes can be over the top and c) most of these are done in fondant. But a priority for me was no fondant. Which actually ruled out a few bakers who will only work in fondant. But I don't like the taste and texture (like coating your cake in sweet modeling clay), so I held my ground. The upside is, for the bakers who will work with you, this usually means the cake is much cheaper b/c the labor is cut down so much. Anyway, here are a couple kinds of cake designs we looked at.

Cakes decorated with real flowers (that's gotta be easy for the baker right?) These ranged from tons of flowers to very simple.

Cakes with ribbon (again, should be easy for the baker to create)

Cakes with paper decorations (unfortunately this one is fondant)

Cakes with fur decorations (this one actually grossed me out. like it's rat-flavored or something)

And finally, the winner! I really wanted a cake with a homemade look and big fluffy icing. Because when I see one in a bakery window, I think, "I want that!" Unfortunately, homemade is not a popular look for wedding cakes. But after some digging, I actually found this beauty with fluffy icing and some flower decorations. Perfect!

Now the only question is, what flowers do we use?

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  1. I love that cake! It's pretty but real looking. Looks like the one from the pic chose to do deep-colored flowers. I wonder if you'd lose some of the nice effect if you chose more pastelly-colored flowers... But that's my first impression, that pastels such as something light blue and/or yellow with maybe a bit of pink would be pretty.

    Seriously gross, that fur one.