Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Micromoon

Because we’re planning a weeklong adventure wedding in Austin and because we already spent two weeks in South Africa getting engaged this year, we can’t really take off more work days for a long honeymoon. So goodbye fantasy of heading to the airport in my cute brunch mini dress with veil and heels. Goodbye fantasy of unwinding after all the excitement with tropical drinks on a far away beach. Le sigh.

However, we’re not going to just skip on the honeymoon altogether. We’ll be taking a belated honeymoon sometime next winter/spring (more time to save up=silver lining). And I’ve heard of other couples going this route, but taking a “mini-moon” first. Just a few days in a nearby area to unwind. We don’t have time for that either. But we don’t want to skip out altogether and would like some time with just the two of us (where we’re not constantly entertaining) before we head back to work and the real world. So we’ve decided to take just 1 night after the guests have gone for a “micromoon.”

We’ll be venturing just out of Austin to a resort called Lost Pines. It’s a Hyatt resort and is set up to be kind of like a fancy summer camp for families. Hopefully if won’t be packed full of noisy kids by late September, which means we’ll have the place to ourselves and…we’ll have the run of all the awesome kiddie activities.

And there’s tons. They offer free s’mores every night in rocking chairs. They have a lazy river, waterfall pool, mini beach and slide. And that’s in addition to a spa, fancy restaurant and the numerous outdoor activities you can sign up for. Like rafting, horseback riding and hiking. We’ll probably mostly hang out in the pool, but maybe we’ll get a massage or go horseback riding. Who knows? Anyway, it looks beautiful and I’m excited we’ll get to take a little time for ourselves before heading back to harsh reality.

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  1. This looks like a really awesome place. Hopefully it will be somewhat quiet, not too many other people. I say splurge on massages too...