Monday, May 18, 2009

Yep, the flowers still look pretty when I do them

Like I said last time, flowers are already pretty so I should be able to do them myself right? Well, on the way home from work tonight I stopped by a deli and decided to do some DIY flower trials. I bought 5 bouquets for $28. For that $28, I got 2 stems blue hydrangea, 2 stems white hydrangea, a bunch of (what I'm calling) pink delphinium, a bunch of blue hyacinths and one dozen small yellow roses. Here's what I was able to make with that.

The Pink Delphinium Bunches

A single stem of Blue Hydrangea--wouldn't these be lovely nosegays for the mothers or bridesmaids?

4 stems of hydrangea bouquet--forgive the Cruella D'ville 2-tone. I didn't know which color I wanted, so I went with both.

The white hydrangea centerpiece

Yellow Rose Bouquet (1 dozen roses)

Yellow Rose Centerpiece

White Hydrangea and Yellow Rose Centerpiece

Blue Hydrangea, Yellow Rose, Pink Delphinium

White Hydrangea, Yellow Rose, Pink Delphinium

My first idea for escort card--single bloom in a mini vase (baby food jar)

Escort Card with piece of a Hydrangea

Another idea would be to replace the single bloom with one of these tissue paper carnations. Probably cheaper and definitely greener.

Similarly, here are some blooms made from paper. We could make these from pages of old books.

So what do you guys think? Can I do DIY flowers? Do they look too DIY? Should I look into different flowers? What about the paper flowers? Cheesy or a cool alternative?

Or should I scrap the whole DIY thing and just buy these pre-made centerpieces? They come to about $15 each.


  1. Holy crap you are good at this. Definitely DIY! I like the Blue, Yellow, Pink mixed centerpiece the best, but that's just me.

  2. my best friends mom just got married a few weeks ago and my best friend and I went to the grocery store and bought every bundle of purple/lavender flowers we could find..then we made our own boquets and they were beautiful! DIY saves sooo much money!

  3. My favorites are white hydrangea/yellow rose & blue hydrangea/yellow rose/pink delphinium. I'm too stupid to know what an escort card is and I have every confidence you can make them but an wondering about the availability of fresh hydrangeas in Texas in Sept?


  4. I like the look of delphinium and hydrangea solos, and I also like the white hydr/yellow rose/pink delph bouq combo. I'm totally in DIY flowers -- sooo overpriced. Mason jars are cool, or I'm sure you could get plain glass vases (I'm thinking cylinder-shaped), which look really nice with some river stones filling the bottom (might have to do some shopping around for a deal on these - they have them overpriced at craft stores).

  5. Are you doing mason jars for your centerpieces? I am getting married at Mercury Hall on Oct. 17th and also want to do mason jars! If you don't want to keep them, I would be happy to buy them from you! Let me know!

  6. My, you've done a fantastic job with those flowers!! I'd say diy instead of getting pre-made ones. I'm hoping to diy my own centrepieces too and am now waiting for spring to arrive so I'll be looking at this for inspiration!