Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's a hit!

I got an email this morning from Kathryn over at of my favorite wedding blogs. She says our Save the Dates are "awesome" and would like to include them in her blog post this Friday! I'm so excited that something from my wedding will be featured at one of the top wedding blogs. And it's so flattering to hear the style I've chosen is "awesome." (Although to be fair, most of the credit has to go to Cristin, the designer.) She told me she's about to move to Austin and wanted the low down on cool places to go, so I obliged and promptly sent her to our wedding website for recommendations--which she also said was "awesome." Yay, us!
Then, right after that, I got a second email from another big blogger (who'll remain nameless for right now) who called the save the dates, "positively beautiful" and also asked to post them. Unfortunately, after I explained to her that they were going to be featured at Snippet and Ink, she decided it would be best not to post them on her blog as well. Instead, she asked me to be a guest blogger on her site after the wedding for a week! Cool! So far, I feel totally validated in my wedding planning abilities and feel capable of knocking out some more big, awesome tasks this month. :)

In other news, check out this image of the bridesmaid dress we picked from the "Weddings: The Creative Process" event.

Image from

I love the sparkly brooch! What do you think? Should I add some bling to my 'maids or maybe a silk flower in a contrasting color? Or keep it simple? Let me know!


  1. congrats on getting your save the dates featured on snippet and ink! Also- Be sure to check out our latest give-a-way on the Perfect Palette today!

  2. that is so funny..I read Snippet and Ink!

    Your website looks great..I seriously cannot wait for the wedding and all the wedding-esque things we get to do in Austin. I've never been there and it looks like so much fun!