Monday, May 18, 2009

But flowers are already pretty, right?

Alright, despite hearing over and over again, "arranging flowers is a lot harder than it looks," I've decided to keep moving forward with the project. I mean, flowers start out pretty, right? How far off could I go? The trouble, it seems, is figuring out what to order. I would like kind of a messy, wildflower look (which everyone assures me is the most difficult to pull off), but I have no idea what flowers to order. My colors are blue and blue, but in an all-white reception hall, I'm worried monochrome would look too boring (or worse, too prom.) Anyway, here are a few examples of some centerpieces I like

On the other hand, here are some cool centerpieces that don't use any flowers at all.

Stay tuned for my first attempts at DIY flowers.

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