Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Deals and Steals in NYC

Just in case we have some NYC brides (or brides visiting NYC, or just shoppers in general) following the blog, I thought I would mention a few great deals I found over the weekend.

1) Calypso Outlet (the awesome outlet branch of Calypso Celle) is selling the Butter by Nadia signature convertible dress in satin for $90!!!! They have teal, pale gold and maybe a green remaining. Call or stop by for details. I actually checked this one out for my girls b/c it's such a good idea, but in the end, I knew they preferred the jersey and the color wasn't quite right.

2) Check out this adorable lace vintage dress I spotted in a vintage store window on Grand street in Williamsburg. This dress was beautiful and a steal at $45. Perfect for anyone looking for a vintage, short wedding dress. I would've snapped it up myself, but weirdly, the armholes were tiny! Did people have smaller arms in the 50s? It's also pretty small in general and would best fit someone size 2 or smaller (this is me in the dress, but not zipped up. Shhhhh,) Also, in case you can't tell, the dress is white lace with a pale blue liner. And it's super adorable! I think the store is Flores Vintage Clothing and they had tons of great stuff. Especially if you're planning a 70s prom party anytime soon.

(try to ignore the makeup-less face)

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