Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sketches from the Dress Designer

Okay, after sending some inspiration dresses and determining that I'd like a satin dress with lace on the top and bottom in a mermaid shape, here are the sketches the Kathryn, the dress designer came up with. So what do you guys think? Do you have a favorite? Is it anal to request not to have those seams in the fronts? What do you think? What feedback should I send her?

Please, please, please send me ideas soon. Thanks!

This one is an example of a dress she's made in the past. Similar to the Melissa Sweet Lia dress.


  1. I totally understand why you're seeking advice, because it's hard to choose one of the sketches! It's all about what it'll look like on you. But just from the pics, I like the first one and the last one best (numbered #2 & #3).

    I like the idea of simple, myself, and I'm not sure about the detail she's added to the bottom of each skirt. For your hot bod, Mary, I'd tell her you want a style that will accentuate your arse without being too heavy in the skirt, lengthen your torso, and boost your bosom. Which one of the sketches fits those parameters (plus that's just my opinion), I have no idea.

    I must admit that I do like a sash, or some tastefully placed applique, but there's a gray area concerning the add-on that will make a good dress great and the add-on that is distracting.

    That probably doesn't help too much! Sorry!

  2. well I know you wanted my opinion, but you've got me stumped. i feel like i would have to see them on. the difference to me is the top. . .a couple are to the waste and a couple are just over the bust. i like the sash from the drawing. i don't mind the seams at all, i think that will help give it shape and fit and lengthen your body. it will give the dress a nice structure. the person i would listen to most (besides you) is probably her. she has the vision and she does this for a living.

  3. You (C)Kristen's are crazy! That stuff totally helps. Mostly b/c I so value both of you as stylin' fashionistas.